Marcella Meneguello is a Brazilian photographer who discovered photography in her early forties. Her fascination for human beings caused her to get into the portraiture world, giving to her new perspectives about them, and complementing her work as Academic. Her distinguished style emphasises authenticity, which, combined with an aesthetic sense, gives an elegant and scenic composition to her photos. She also has expanded her photography through projects, creating dynamic and genuine visual stories filled with sensibility and emotion. Her photography is clearly a result of her versatile and inquisitive mind, where she uses the artistic perspective to bring up human and social questions.

Currently, she lives in South Australia, in the picturesque West Beach, and shares her time among her photographic projects, lecturing at the Torrens University Australia and researching about human condition thought Photovoice.


2021 Solo and permanent Exhibition of “Hans Heysen Silence” at The Haus Restaurant, Hahndorf, South Australia

2019  Solo Exhibition “I see You” at the Multicultural Centre of South Australia, Adelaide

2018  Collective Exhibition at Burnside Community Centre, Adelaide – Australia

2016  Collective Exhibition at 1st. Sao Paulo Photo week, Brazil

2016  Collective Exhibition at Contraste Photography School, Brazil

2014  Collective Exhibition at 13rd Handcraft Event at Teakettle Restaurant, Brazil

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