A passionate soul following a curious mind”


I’m Marcella Meneguello, photographer by passion, educator by vocation, and naturally inclined to build human connections.

Ever since 2013, photography has been transforming my way of seeing the world. With a camera, I’ve found a medium to embrace my restlessness, use my versatility and immerse myself in a creative flow. This discovery not only ignited my artistic expression but also steered my academic trajectory in the health area towards new horizons.

My fascination with human being led me into the captivating world of portraiture. In each portrait I make, I strive to register my way of seeing the uniqueness of each person and reverence their story. Guided by an insatiable thirst for knowledge and connection, I also dedicate myself to documentary photography. In a world filled with diversity, I believe that there is always a story waiting to be unearthed – whether in the simplicity of daily life or the intricate facets of the human experience.

Currently, I live in the inspiring West Beach in South Australia, sharing my time with photography and Academic life, where I teach in the health sector and research the human condition through Photovoice.



2021 Solo and permanent Exhibition of “Hans Heysen Silence” at The Haus Restaurant, Hahndorf, S.A.

2019  Solo Exhibition “I see You” at the Multicultural Centre of South Australia, Adelaide

2018  Collective Exhibition at Burnside Community Centre, Adelaide – Australia

2016  Collective Exhibition at 1st. Sao Paulo Photo week, Brazil

2016  Collective Exhibition at Contraste Photography School, Brazil

2014  Collective Exhibition at 13rd Handcraft Event at Teakettle Restaurant, Brazil