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Business Portrait

What catches you in a portrait?

For me, it’s “that something else” when the portrait goes beyond the aesthetics and creates a connection.
Because of this, I strive to create portraits that reveal the uniqueness of each person. I apply my technical knowledge of photography and visual language and combine it with my senses to make a truthful and artistic portrait.
When a portrait is more than a personal record, I go further, taking into account the photographs’ purpose, context and audience. Always respecting the individual style to create the most original and personal photographic set.

Portrait session at a glance

Who is this session for?
Entrepreneurs, artists, self-employed, professionals and anyone who wants to be photographed with sensibility, technical skill and purpose.

Where can I use the photos?

Web sites, social media, advertising, promotional material, portfolio, books, and personal records, among others.

Where is it done?

Environment Portrait: Work environment, home, parks, public places or specific locations.

Studio: With neutral background and photographic lights.

What is the photo style?
I gently directed you in natural poses to express your personality and style. The photos can be a classic portrait, headshot, or something created only for you.

What is necessary?
Clothes that represent you and your professional style.

How long is the session?
Between 1 to 2 hours.

Time to deliver the photos
All photos curated by the photographer will be available to choose from up to 7 working days, counted as from the next day after the photoshoot.
After receiving your answer with the chosen photos, the final photos will be delivered in 7 working days.

Photo Edition
Basic edition as white balance, colour corrections and perspective adjustments. Special treatments with photoshop are made under quotation.

Photo format
The photos will be delivered in high-definition digital files (jpeg) by digital download.