“Away from stress & judgment

Free of cold poses and frozen smiles

Free of ‘what to do’

Just you, in your instant and in your essence”

Feminine in Essentia is a photographic project made to respect, highlight and reverence the uniqueness of each woman. 

Each session is unique, and it’s created following each woman’s personality, respecting her traits, style and life moment.

In Essentia at a glance:

Where is it done?

The location can be in a particular place you prefer, composing a scenario to give a special mood to the session. This might be:

Outdoors: beaches & parks

Indoors: at your home, a country or beach house

What is the photo style?

I capture those moments that happen spontaneously and mix them with poses gently directed, always respecting your style and personality.

What is necessary?

Clothes that make you feel comfortable with your body and let you free. During the photoshoot, you can use up to 3 different looks.

How long is the session?

Between 2 to 3 hours.

When can I have the photos?

All photos curated by the photographer will be available to choose from up to 15 working days, counted as from the next day after the photoshoot. 

After receiving your chosen photos, the final images will be delivered in no more than 15 working days.

Do you edit the photos?

Basic edition as white balance, colour corrections and perspective adjustments. Special treatments with photoshop are made under quotation.

What type of photos will I have?

The photos will be delivered in digital files (jpeg) in high definition by digital download. 

Magazines, Photo prints, posters or photo books can be made by quotation.

In Essentia
Session fee AUD 150* 

Photo Packages

10 photos** AUD 300 (Total 450)

20 photos AUD 450 (Total 600)

40 photos AUD 650 (Total 800)

60 photos AUD 850 (Total 1,000)

Each additional photo out of the package AUD 50

*pay to book session

** miminum per session

Valid up to 30/04/2023

Let’s book your session?

In Essentia First Edition