Todler looking at the pencil, low key

Capture the magic with 'Your Moment'
– a photo session created for families, mums to be, and anyone seeking
an artistic memoir filled with timeless joy.

Your Moment’ is not just a photo session, it’s an experience for kids, families and moms-to-be with radiant baby bumps. Immerse yourself in a world where I capture the essence of your joy, love, and anticipation in an original, joyful, and artistic way.

In my lens, spontaneity dances with carefully directed natural poses, creating a visual symphony of cherished moments. As you scroll through my photos, you’ll witness the magic of capturing genuine smiles, special connections, and meaningful gazes, crafting an artistic, authentic, and utterly original memoir.

But wait, there’s a twist! Kids steal the spotlight in my world. Their unfiltered reactions and expressions while exploring this vast universe are my ultimate inspiration. Brace yourself – during our sessions, I might be found rolling on the floor, playing ‘peek-a-boo,’ and yes, perhaps looking a bit ‘silly’ to the adult world. Fear not, I’m just letting my inner child connect with your little ones, making friends through the universal language of joy.
Let’s create unforgettable memories together – one delightful click at a time

Your moment at a glance:

Who are these sessions for?

Kids and their families; babies and their parents; mums to be with a big belly; two souls in love, friends with friends and anyone who wants to have “your moment” captured in a joyful, poetic and original way.

Where is it done? 

The location can be in a particular place you love to go with your loved ones or is significant for you and represents your current life. This might be:

Outdoors: beaches, parks, wineries, hills…

Indoors: at home, a country or beach house, air B&B, etc.….…

Home: A photo shoot at home is an awesome way to keep memories of the place where you spend most of your time. Home-based shoots are perfect for the winter season, especially for little ones who have just arrived!

How long is the session?

It takes around 1 to 2 hours.

What is necessary?

Clothes that make you smile and let you feel free, and you don’t need to worry about changing clothes during the photo shoot.

Please, don’t be overly concerned about coordinating clothes. I want you to relax and enjoy our session, and the little ones to be free to wear their favourite clothes.

If you want, you can come with simple make-up and hairstyle.

When can I have the photos?

All photos curated by the photographer will be available to choose from up to  7 working days, counted as from the next day after the last photo shoot. After receiving the selected photos, the final photos will be delivered in no more than 7 working days.

Do you edit the photos?

Basic edition as white balance, colour corrections and perspective adjustments.
Special treatments with Photoshop are made under quotation.

What type of photos will I have?

The photos will be delivered in digital files (jpeg) in high definition by digital download. 

Slide shows, Photo prints, posters or photo books can be made by quotation.