Feminine in Essentia


Session fee AUD 150* 


Photo Packages

10 photos** AUD 350 (Total 500)

20 photos AUD 550 (Total 700)

40 photos AUD 750 (Total 900)

Each additional photo out of the package is AUD 50


*pay to book session

** minimum per session

Dress to Express: Let Your Style Reflect Your True Self!

Here are some friendly tips to help you choose the perfect outfit for your photo session:

– Embrace Your Natural Beauty: Avoid clothes with large characters, bright colors, big patterns, or stripes. These can distract from your beautiful face and expressions.

– Accentuate Your Assets: Opt for tops, dresses, skirts, and shorts that highlight your shoulders, body, and legs. They’ll bring out your best features and showcase your personal style.

– Summer Vibes: White tops, loose shirts, jeans shorts, and light dresses exude a refreshing and soft summer style, perfect for capturing those breezy and carefree moments.

– Beach Ready: If you’re planning a beach shoot, go for bikinis, swimsuits, and summer-inspired attire. Let the sun, sand, and waves be your backdrop!

– Sensual Elegance: Transparent and lacy garments add a touch of allure and create a sensual mood in your photos. Consider incorporating scarves, sarongs, robes, and hats for an effortlessly chic look.

– Unleash Your Inner Confidence: For a sultry and daring photoshoot, lingerie with lace and sheer details can bring out your inner goddess.

– Wrinkle-Free is Key: Remember to iron your clothes and bring them without any unsightly wrinkles. It ensures a polished and professional appearance.

To complete your stunning look:

– Beauty with Ease: Consider having your makeup and hair styled by a professional for a casual yet natural look. If you’d like, I can provide specific guidelines to share with the professional.

– Timing is Everything: Avoid excessive sun exposure, including tanning, at least two days prior to your photoshoot. This ensures a fresh and rested appearance.


On the day of your photoshoot:

– Rested and Ready: Get a good night’s sleep to achieve a refreshed and energised look.

– Stay Hydrated: Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated and glowing.

– Comfort is Key: Avoid wearing tight clothes, shoes, and underwear that can leave marks on your skin and detract from your comfort during the session.

– Be Punctual: Please arrive at the scheduled time so that we can create a joyful and seamless experience together.


Get ready to capture incredible moments that reflect your unique personality and style. We can’t wait to make your photo session a memorable and enjoyable one!

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