Feminine in Essentia

“Step into a transformative and empowering photo session 

to unveil your feminine essence 

with captivating perspectives and luminous angles”

Welcome to Feminine in Essentia, a heartwarming photographic project dedicated to capturing the essence of each remarkable woman. Through a soothing and empowering photo session, my mission is to honour your uniqueness, respecting your style, traits, and your life moments. With carefully selected scenarios that stir sensations, I delicately guide poses to capture the sparkle in your gaze, the radiance of your smile, and the authentic expressions that reveal your inner beauty.  Get ready to embrace your uniqueness like never before. Let your inner light shine in front of my lens.


Photo session at a glance:

Where is it done?

The location can be in a particular place you prefer. This might be:

Outdoors: beaches & parks

Indoors: at your home, a country or beach house

What is necessary?

Clothes that make you feel comfortable with your body and let you free to enjoy this special moment. During the photoshoot, you can use up to 3 different looks.

How long is the session?

Between 2 to 3 hours.

When can I have the photos?

All photos curated by the photographer will be available to choose from up to 15 working days, counted as from the next day after the photoshoot.

After receiving your chosen photos, the final images will be delivered in no more than 15 working days.

Do you edit the photos?

Basic edition as white balance, colour corrections and perspective adjustments. Special treatments with photoshop are made under quotation.

What type of photos will I have?

The photos will be delivered in digital files (jpeg) in high definition by digital download.

Magazines, Photo prints, posters or photo books can be made by quotation.


Session fee AUD 150* 


Photo Packages

10 photos** AUD 350 (Total 500)

20 photos AUD 550 (Total 700)

40 photos AUD 750 (Total 900)

Each additional photo out of the package is AUD 50


*pay to book session

** minimum per session

Dress to Express: Let Your Style Reflect Your True Self!

Here are some friendly tips to help you choose the perfect outfit for your photo session:

– Embrace Your Natural Beauty: Avoid clothes with large characters, bright colors, big patterns, or stripes. These can distract from your beautiful face and expressions.

– Accentuate Your Assets: Opt for tops, dresses, skirts, and shorts that highlight your shoulders, body, and legs. They’ll bring out your best features and showcase your personal style.

– Summer Vibes: White tops, loose shirts, jeans shorts, and light dresses exude a refreshing and soft summer style, perfect for capturing those breezy and carefree moments.

– Beach Ready: If you’re planning a beach shoot, go for bikinis, swimsuits, and summer-inspired attire. Let the sun, sand, and waves be your backdrop!

– Sensual Elegance: Transparent and lacy garments add a touch of allure and create a sensual mood in your photos. Consider incorporating scarves, sarongs, robes, and hats for an effortlessly chic look.

– Unleash Your Inner Confidence: For a sultry and daring photoshoot, lingerie with lace and sheer details can bring out your inner goddess.

– Wrinkle-Free is Key: Remember to iron your clothes and bring them without any unsightly wrinkles. It ensures a polished and professional appearance.

To complete your stunning look:

– Beauty with Ease: Consider having your makeup and hair styled by a professional for a casual yet natural look. If you’d like, I can provide specific guidelines to share with the professional.

– Timing is Everything: Avoid excessive sun exposure, including tanning, at least two days prior to your photoshoot. This ensures a fresh and rested appearance.


On the day of your photoshoot:

– Rested and Ready: Get a good night’s sleep to achieve a refreshed and energised look.

– Stay Hydrated: Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated and glowing.

– Comfort is Key: Avoid wearing tight clothes, shoes, and underwear that can leave marks on your skin and detract from your comfort during the session.

– Be Punctual: Please arrive at the scheduled time so that we can create a joyful and seamless experience together.


Get ready to capture incredible moments that reflect your unique personality and style. We can’t wait to make your photo session a memorable and enjoyable one!

Black woman profile in low key