Goodwill Chain


What do you do at night, when you arrive home from work? Also, on Sunday, the music from Fantastico* starts.


So, while most of us just lie down on the sofa, there is a group of people that rolls up their sleeves and go to the streets! And what do they do? It depends. They can take a sandwich and juice on a hot day in summer to people that live on the streets. Otherwise, a very warm tea and blankets on those cold days when we don’t dare to stick our nose out of the house. These are the people of Corrente do bem, a Brazilian group that take the little they have for those that have the streets as their home.


Putting together donations from well known people, the participants themselves make litres of the juice, teas and prepare mortadella sandwiches. When there is some leftover money, they buy blankets for the freezing days. In this way, they venture out to the big centre of Sao Paulo, in the night, in rain or good weather, with love and courage. Hence, they become the guarantee of minimal attention and food, that many times, is the only attention that the homeless receive daily or in many days.


It is surprising to see how they know the people from that region. They hug, talk, play, and more importantly, they look in their eyes and listen. In these moments, as the real goal of this group by offering their brotherly hand, they show the ways for the homeless to get out of this situation.  That could be going to the few recover houses, or, even, going back to their family.


During 2014 and 2015, I could experience this volunteer work, and being who I am, I photograph. I’d like to show a little about these people that donate and receive. I have since realized that, much more than just a food for the body, it involved the exchange of soul nutrition.


*Famous TV shows in Brazil that is presented every Sunday since 1973, and  has a very known theme music.