Thank you for being interested in the  “Your moment” Photo session.

You can be sure I will capture “Your moment” in an original, joyful and artistic way to make them remains. 

Here, I give the main information about your photo shoot.

If you haven’t see the photos of this project, check on


Who are these sessions for?

Kids and their families; babies and their parents; mums to be with a big belly; two souls in love, friends with friends and anyone who wants to have a special occasion or everyday life captured in a joyful, poetic and original way.


Where is it done? Just for Full session.

The location can be in a particular place that you love go with your loved ones, or is significative for you and most represents your life at this moment. This might be:

Outdoors: beaches, parks, wineries, hills…

Indoors: at your home, a country or beach house, a B&B, motel, etc…

Home: A photo shoot at home is an awesome way to keep memories of the place that you spend most of your time. Home-based shoots are perfect for the winter season and especially for little ones who have just arrived in the world!



What is the photo style?

I capture those moments that happen spontaneously and natural poses that are carefully directed.


What is necessary?

Clothes that put a smile on your face and let you feel free, and you son’t need change clothes during the photo shoot.

Please, don’t be overly concerned about coordinating clothes. I want you to be able to relax and enjoy our session, and the little ones, to be free to wear their favourite clothes.

If you want, you can come with a simple make-up and hair style.



Time to delivery the photos

All photos curated by photographer will be available to choose up to 7 working days, counted as from the next day after the last photo-shoot. 

After received the chosen photos, the final photos will be delivered up to more 7 working days.


If you choose the package with all photos of  Your moment Full session, minimum 30 photos curated by photographer, the final photos will be delivered up to 15 working days.



Photo Edition

Basic edition as white balance, colour corrections and perspective adjustments. Special treatments with photoshop is made under quotation.


Photo format

The photos will be delivery in digital files (jpeg) in  high definition by digital download. 

Slide show, Photo prints, posters or photo books can be made by quotation.


Your Moment Full Session

(Valid up to 31/01/2023)
Last 1 to 2 hours

Session fee =  AUD 150 (pay in advance to book session)

15 photos = AUD 150 (minimum per session),
Total including Fee AUD 300

All photos, minimum 30 photos curated by photographer = AUD 350,
Total including Fee AUD 500

Your Moment Mini Session – West Beach

(Valid up to 31/01/2023, for photo Session in West Beach)

Last 30min – 1h

Place: Between West Beach

Session fee =  Free

15 photos = AUD 200

Each additional photo = AUD 20

Let’s book a session?

Please, send me an email, or message on Instagram or Facebook, or WhatsUp.

Recommendations for Your Moment session

  • Try to have a good sleep night to have a rested look.
  • If you want, I recommend you have your make-up and hair styled like you always do, nothing too sophisticated, just casual.
  • About clothes, wear what reflects your style, who you are. If possible, avoid clothes with large characters or text, bright colours, or big patterns or stripes; they take attention away from your face and expressions.
  • You can choose just one set of clothes; you don’t need to change them during the photoshoot.
  • Kids – they always have favourite clothes, please, let them choose.