“From the Shadow, to the light

I see you

Your colourful soul, your beauty

And your uniqueness”

During my first years in Adelaide – South Australia, I faced the challenge of living in a new country. The cultural differences and the difficulty of expressing myself in a second language made me feel that people couldn’t see who I really was. Looking around, I saw other people feeling the same, each one with their reasons and a hidden wish to be seen.

In this scenario, the “I see you” project came to light to show that we have the brightness that makes us unique in the shadows of everyday challenges.

This project has allowed me to connect with diverse people of different ages, cultures and stories. Definitely, the “I see you” is a milestone in my photographic pathway.

"I will keep this photo on my bed table to remind me everyday who I am and how powerful I am"
Mara Fontainha

Awarded by Inspiration Photographers

2022 Best Collection Portrait: Ana | I see you Session

2023 Best Portrait: I see your hope

2023 Best Collection Portrait: I see you | Fragments

Exhibition 2019

At the Multicultural Communities Council of South Australia (MCCSA) with support from the Brazilian Association of South Australia (BASA) and the Fine Art Photography Association of South Australia.

I see you - 2nd edition

I’m thrilled to offer you the 2nd edition of this project which already had an exhibition and several awards!

Here, I give the main information about your photo shoot.


I see You at a glance:

Who are these sessions for?

For everyone who wants to have a Fine Art black and white portrait.

Where is it done?

In my home studio for up to 2 people or a rented photographic studio for 3 or more people.

What is the photo style?

Posed photos are carefully directed to reflect your traits, personality, life moment and uniqueness. 

What should I wear?

Wear black clothes so I can highlight your face and expressions.

If you want, you can come with make-up and hairstyle.

How long is the session?

Between 30 – 60 minutes.

When can I have the photos?

All photos I curated will be available for your choice in up to 7  working days, counted as from the next day after the last photo shoot.

After your choice, the final photos will be delivered in up to 7 working days.

Do you edit the photos?

I make editions to follow the photo style, but specific adjustments, like skin correction, can be made by quotation.

What type of photos will I have?

The photos will be delivered in high-definition digital files (jpeg) by digital download.

Slide shows (video with photo and music), photo prints, posters, photo books, and digital and printed magazines can be made by quotation.


Session fee = Free*

Photo Package

4 photos** AUD 150

8 photos AUD 250

12 photos AUD 360

16 photos AUD 480

20 photos AUD 600

Each additional photo = AUD 50 (out of packages)

*Sessions up 2 people. For 3 or more people fee is AUD 100 fee (pay in advance to book a session)

** minimum per session

Let's book your session?

I See You Gallery