"From the Shadow
To the light
I see you
Your colourful soul
Your uniqueness
And your beauty"

The “I see you” Project was created to make original and genuine portraits to highlight the uniqueness that I see in each person. Avoiding canned poses, frozen expressions, and transformation made on photoshop, I wait for that gaze,  that characteristic gesture, for how an emotion reveals itself to create the photo that best represents what “I see” of a person and her/his life moment. My main goal is to show through black and white photos that the uniqueness can be beautiful, the simple can be elegant, and that even in the shadows of the day-by-day challenges, we still have our brightness. 

The project started with Brazilians and spread to others cultures and locals. In October of 2019, the first portraits were exhibited in Adelaide at the Multicultural Communities Council of South Australia (MCCSA) with support from the Brazilian Association of South Australia (BASA) and the Fine Art Photography Association of South Australia. To see how reacting to their photo on the wall was a tremendous experience!