I see You - Photo session

I’m thrilled to offer you the 2nd edition of this project which already had an exhibition and several awards!

Here, I give the main information about your photo shoot.

I see You at a glance:

Who are these sessions for?

For everyone who wants to have a Fine Art black and white portrait.

Where is it done?

In my home studio for up to 2 people or a rented photographic studio for 3 or more people.

What is the photo style?

The photos will be a Portrait (above the waist line) and my main focus is on capturing those genuine moments when you express yourself naturally. Whether it’s through a heartfelt gaze, a joyful smile, or an action that reflects your personality, I aim to freeze those authentic and original moments in time. Sometimes I may guide you with poses or ask you to freeze in a particular moment, but rest assured, it’s all to capture your best self.

What should I wear?

Wear black clothes so I can highlight your face and expressions.

If you want, you can come with make-up and hairstyle.

How long is the session?

Between 30 – 60 minutes.

When can I have the photos?

All photos I curated will be available for your choice in up to 7 working days, counted as from the next day after the last photo shoot.

After your choice, the final photos will be delivered in up to 7 working days.

Do you edit the photos?

I make editions to follow the photo style, but specific adjustments, like skin correction, can be made by quotation.

What type of photos will I have?

The photos will be delivered in high-definition digital files (jpeg) by digital download.

Slide shows (video with photo and music), photo prints, posters, photo books, and digital and printed magazines can be made by quotation.


Session fee FREE* 


Photo Packages

4 photos** AUD 150

8 photos AUD 250

12 photos AUD 360

20 photos AUD 600

Each additional photo out of the package is AUD 50

*Sessions up 2 people. For 3 or more people fee is AUD 100 fee
(pay in advance to book a session)

** minimum per session


Below I listed some tips for you to prepare yourself for your “ I see you” session:

– Have a good sleep at night before to have a rested look.
– I recommend you have your make-up and hair styled with a professional, but with a more natural look,  nothing too sophisticated. The idea is to make some photos that reflect who you are.

– If you prefer to do it by yourself, try to uniform the colour of your skin and make something that you do in your daily life that reflects who you are.
–  Wear black clothes, in this way, I can highlight your face and expressions.

Please, be ready for the session, and It will be great if you arrive 10 minutes before the booked time. In this way, we can have time to make a joyful and smooth session.

Looking forward to “I See You” 😉